How many space indents do you use? In my new project we use 8 *facepalm*

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    Depends on language. I'm usually sticking to most popular style guide. If I have multiple languages in a project, each one uses its own formatting.
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    1 tab .... 🤔 and I always configure it to look like 4 spaces. some of my colleagues though prefer it to look like 2 tabs
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    1 tab.

    in my .vimrc:
    set ts=4
    set sw=4

    If someone wants my indents to look a certain way, they can set their tab stops in their .vimrc. If they're not using vim, then they aren't organized anyway.
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    Four spaces. However, eight is the standard style in the Linux kernel, and large indentation levels are frowned upon.
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    4 spaces unless I have to change it.
    2 is to cramped up, and I don't have a screen wide enough to use 8 😅

    You get a few levels in and your already a screen across just from indentation.

    1 tab = 4 spaces.
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    Anyone who uses anything but 1 tab is a psychopath.
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    Tabs of three spaces
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    hopefully not while applying pep-8
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    I read space indents as space students. I need a break.
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    More of that blank space, please! :rotfl:
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    2 spaces, we was eslint and air bnb styling
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    That's a hell lot of space.
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