Me: *sends message to boss on Skype* "Hi."
Me: *locks computer*

"Brrrrrrrr!" - the sound of the vib-- lawnmower starting.

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    Of course it's you who'd post this
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    hey this is ur boss, as a leaderperson I will never stop using skype despite it being a piece of shite and despite all my leaderpeers are already on teams. Did you implement that stupid new feature I cooked up this morning that no users will ever want?
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    @theuser wdym, teams literally is the same shit as skype
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    @kescherRant Slightly less shit because its cross platform (although electron?), but it does have the shitty ass animated emojis and it cannot make up its mind if it wants to be all serious business like skype or trendy like slack.
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    @theuser No, I mean it's still literally skype. It shows up as Skype in my sound settings, too.
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    @kescherRant I see, they copy pasted skype into electron and bills ur uncle
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