I love DataGrip. But has anyone a database management software that's better? Just to keep my options open.

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    **screams in phpmyadmin** 😂

    Jokes aside, DataGrip is awesome, only thing I'd like they introduce is nosql support, or atleast make equivalent product for those
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    Haven't found a way to 'exec' and 'show' in DG. Did I miss smth in docs?

    As for anything better -- define 'better'. Sometimes my cli JdbcUtil is better [when scripting]. Sometimes DG is. Sometimes sqldeveloper.

    It depends on definition of "better"
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    @netikras nope. You answer. You define better. And I am trying all recommendations and then decide if I define better the same way you do :)
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    @TheCommoner282 As far as being a universal tool for any* database I believe DG is the best. Second best would be DBeaver (which supports calling stored procedures btw) IMO.

    However DG has some limitations, like my mentioned 'exec' and 'show'. And some database-speciffic toys might be missing as well (I don't recall why but I had to use sqldeveloper for smth in Ora).

    For automations I prefer my JdbcUtil [https://gitlab.com/netikras/...] as a universal tool for headless DB-related automations.

    But yeah, IDK any better universal DB utility for casual day-to-day work than DG.
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    @myss I think they do support nosql now. Or at least mongo.
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