Just joined this site today. It took me 4 minutes to find the "new post button".

Now that I know where it is I see it. But before I honestly couldn't find it.

Anyone else think the placement of the new post button (center-bottom of the page) is odd?

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    I don't remember. It has been more than 3 years
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    It's a little odd indeed. I also spend some time searching for it whenever I want to post (since I don't do so every day).
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    Yeah, should be top right or center because you know reading direction and the likes, but the add comment makes more sense to be bottom center, so I guess they went for consistency + bottom center probably makes more sense on mobile
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    When I made this account (my second one, after years of inactivity here) I had to look for it too at first. But despite this little flaw in ergonomics, I actually like it there because it's easily accessible with my thumb (on phone) and is equally accessible for a lefty than for a righty. And since I'm left-handed, I tend to appreciate these details.
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    Can't post collab from PC, 0/10 😭😂
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    @pipe Ah! Didn't think about mobile users at all. It makes sense that mobile users should be able to reach it.
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    @hallway And I didn't really think about desktop users, but in a desktop context, it's clear that the "New post" button should be elsewhere.
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