Does anyone know a good HTML5 game engine or framework, something where you can upload your models from Solidworks or Maya and animate them using JS to get a web-based game done?

I've been looking at Pixi,Phaser and a bunch of other frameworks, they're all touting rapid development and ease of use yet you have to write a shit ton of cryptic code to get the simplest thing done...

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    Phaser is great. It has a little bit of a steep learning curve, but after that, it's smooth sailing. Plus, there's a ton of tutorials and shit for phaser
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    ThreeJS isn't a game engine but people have used it as you describe.
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    @10Dev thanks mate. I am so scared of Phaser. There's too much code to write, we have good designers and animators but they suck at programming, and our programmers suck at designing and animating stuff.

    I wish I could get them to have sex together and use some accelerated growth thing to have their kids at work tomorrow but until that will be possible...I was given the task of putting together a toolchain, I can't fuck up :(
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    @odite so you basically build your "scene" in html/css and use three to turn it into a scene and animate in JS?
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    @molaram I mean, if by "scene" in html/CSS means adding in the canvas then yes but other than that, all the work is done in js to achieve a 3d scene.
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    Well... Depending on the scope you definitely won't get around cryptic code. Unity would be great but that's not HTML5
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    @12bitfloat :( i wish there was a rdp-kinda way to open the game on a vm and forward the video to players devices along with the controls
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    @molaram If you're willing to pay up the butt for compute resources that is

    I guess your best bet is either ThreeJS or rolling a custom engine on WebGL
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