The answer is kind of there.

When you check your amazon messages (Which if you haven't done it before, you will find it difficult, since it isn't listed in your menu options..) and you want to reply, the reply button option only exists in the second tab, not the first !

Don't be like Amazon, include options in both tabs..

Oh, and make your bloody windows bigger !!!

See following pictures..

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    All looks fine here at first glance:
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    Naturally you go to the default tab first, but no reply button and why the small window ?
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    What you want is the second tab !

    Then it looks like this, and with a reply button.
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    Here it says:


    You click on “Accounts & Lists”

    Then goto YOUR ACCOUNT ( See Link )


    At the bottom it says “Message Center”


    Is it where the arrow is, but why isn't it in the menu too ?

    Ebay is easier to navigate if you don't know your way around I found.
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