Agile = sweatshop mentality

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    agile = fragile
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    Agile = waterfall dependency hell
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    Agile = scam customer with Promis of future fixes.
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    Y’all noobs. Learn how to use ===

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    But all this dev, companies. Simple love adopting agile.

    We as dev r powerless to stop it. :/ The authorities are with the management.
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    Agile is great, problem is noone does it :-p
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    @molaram '=' is assignment, '===' is javascript bullshit equality check. Learn the difference.
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    @ArcaneEye so you’re saying OP meant to assign sweatshop mentality to agile? It felt otherwise but ok
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    @molaram === is stil on the backlog
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    @ArcaneEye @molaram actually in this case it's the mathematical equals.

    But yeah === is a Boolean operator only dynamic typed languages like JS and PHP need. In @molaram's world it would be like you said an assignment (man what a noob).
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    @ArcaneEye has it right.

    Agile methodologies are usually very good things, when done correctly. I've lost count of the times people tell me "scrum sucks" because "standups are just ruled by management", "requirements change just before a sprint ends", sprints are always delayed, etc.

    In reality, scrum stipulates *specifically* that management *shouldn't* be present at standups, requirements should only change with agreement from the whole Dev team, sprint deadlines should never be moved, etc.

    The issue is that everyone does this weird, pseudo bastardisation of scrum that defeats the purpose of many of its core values, hates it, then goes around telling the rest of the world how much scrum & agile suck.
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