While waiting for my hydroponics shit kit, I started looking for solar panels. A few days later, I looked at my electricity bill and it tripled. What the fuck did I do? Play Animal Crossing? It turns out, there was an error with their computation and complaints have already been made. Imagine adding stress to your customers while everyone is already stressed out with all the crap that's been happening?

Their employees have Tesla cars parked in the compound like they're nothing and this is the quality of work they deliver. Millions of customers, huge company that has monopoly over the electricity distribution in the country. If you just performed one simple check even if just manually (my expectations are so low), you would have thought "Wow, these numbers sure are wacky. Let me check if this is correct."

But no, send it all out to millions of customers. It's not like people lost their jobs and most are poor are shit even before this pandemic. It's not like stress makes people sick. It's not like this would encourage more people to go out to file these complaints. Dumb mistakes like this are terrible on a good non-pandemic year but now?

If all of these "mistakes" were made to make things worse and speed up the scheduled maintenance for natural selection, bravo.

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    I was just informed that they are now requiring their employees to come to the office even when their jobs can be done remotely. The office is old and they use desktops. Even smaller companies can provide laptops. Security? Nah, you use Viber group chats to talk about critical issues. What the fuck is wrong with you?

    The dumbest part is they come to the office but all their meetings are through video calls. They are literally in the same building doing video calls. These employees suffering the torturous commute in this fucking country and wasting their time on the road for this fucking bullshit. It's so dumb, it's amazing. This is exactly the kind of stupid that acts as a flag to trigger a new maintenance and cleanse the fucking gene pool.

    It's too bad that the people who make these decisions are not the ones suffering for their bullshit rules.
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    "scheduled maintenance for natural selection"
    It's only, what? A century or so late?
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    QA performed by millions of customers. Woo! Citizen science, muh bitchessss.
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    Now imagine how many people might have paid the incorrect price without complaining...
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    @AmbientTea They said they will issue a refund, not sure how they would do that but I'm glad I didn't pay.
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