The company did this thing where you have to submit a form asking for your temperature and other information. You have to answer it everyday and my manager said we should answer it before our shift starts so the fuckers would be able to extract all the data. I didn't follow this, of course. The most I'm willing to do is answer it as soon as my shift starts, not before my shift starts because fuck that.

You may say, "Oh well it would only take a few minutes." BUT THAT'S HOW IT ALL BEGINS, DOESN'T IT? Soon you'll be working overtime without even realizing it.

Anyway, the form has a lot of dumbass questions like "Did you travel outside the country in the last 14 days?" There's a travel ban for months now, bitch. Why is this even a question? Then there are the fields for full name, email address, and employee ID. All of this shit and more, you gotta fill up every day. It makes no fucking sense.

How hard is it that when we click the link to this form, we get authenticated since we're already logged in to the company website? If it's too hard, sure, let us login again. I have low expectations. All of the information you ask for every fucking day that we have to submit before the shift starts, you can easily derive from your own database. I highly doubt you're even gonna use any of this.

Nothing makes any fucking sense.

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    They probably just used some free survey tool with no integration and without requesting the help of the it department.

    No respect for the responders only for their own perceived requirements.

    I have seen multiple examples among the customers to the survey tool I built on my former job.

    Its sad to see.

    Then there are the occasional good example, like the company that switched from paper to web survey with auto fill of fields and increased response rates from under 5 % to almost 60 % while saving thousands of dollars in postage :D
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    @Voxera and just if any one wonders about what the good survey was, it was to customer club members for verifying and/or updating address and previously specified interests.

    If nothing had changed you could just hit send to verify and if something had changed you just had to edit those fields before sending.

    And they already since the paper survey offered a discount to all that verified or updated their information.

    Customers just could not take the time for the paper survey, not even to get a discount.
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