I like my job at the moment and have nothing to rant about so thought I’d share some of my past frustrations.
I’ll start with one of the most ridiculous requests from a user, this is from about 12 years ago:

‘Please change all the links on the internet so that I have to double click on them to open them. I keep opening them by accident’

I can’t remember the actual response but I do sometimes wonder how she’s managing to cope with life now.

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    Please change every book in the world so that I don't have to read the cover, I keep having to 'open' a book
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    @alexbrooklyn Now the linked video is in Norwegian but I think the message can be understood anyway ;)

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    You see a ridiculous request. I see an opportunity to sell a browser extension.
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    Add a diff over every link with opacity to completely see through. Give it a click event that moves it down the z-index and a set timeout of 400 milliseconds to move it back up.

    It's not even hard. Just weird as fuck.
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