So proud of my human.

He's been stranded in a province on another island for a while now and made friends with the locals. One of the locals broke her bike and he gave her a ride to the bike shop in town. When it was time to pay, she asked him for money. He simply asked, "Why didn't you bring money when you knew we were gonna buy parts for your bike?" She got mad and ignored him since.

I just love the sweet smell of entitlement right before sunset. Makes me feel sane and less alone for all the times I ranted about the same thing over and over again. Reminds me of the good old memories when a developer threatened to escalate me for not doing his job and I shut him down in front of the same crowd he's been flaunting his incompetence to. Oh yeah, when I was called greedy for spending my money on my own needs and refusing to give it to leeches anymore.

My human came to me, of all people, for advice on how to decipher this event since I would be more familiar with the culture. Others would have told him he's insensitive or rude for even asking her that question, that him being white should always just give the money and avoid confrontation.

He asked me what he should have done and I said, "Nothing. I would have told her to go fuck herself but you're a lot nicer than me."

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