How to make the team work hard?

Create a confluence page and write what will they do today with ETA.


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    If you want code monkeys 🤷‍♂️
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    @yellow-dog And delays.
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    Duh, it's my manager, not me 😶
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    Bet they told you "we do agile" when you applied for the job
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    And then ask them to send email with the same things by keeping manager, cto and ceo in cc. And them msg the same in team channel. Then during mid day, send their progress in email and group channel. Then at the eod, send mail what they have completed, where they stuck, what they learned in email to same people and post in team channel. Also update confluence at eod.
    What we can do more:
    1. Hold another mod day scrum.
    2. Send MOM of scrum.
    3. Last hour meeting with team to discuss the progress on task.

    Did I miss anything?
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