I cant anymore. Im done. How the F.
Friend calls me that he sent his resume to like 100 companies and none of them even invited him for interview. Which seemed kinda crazy. So i asked him to send it to me so i will take a look at it.
He did.
I look at it. Most of the stuff was OK.
Then i have. Skills:
Web site programming (squarespace): Pro.
OK wait what even ?
Are you fucking serious ?
So i asked him where he was applying.
For web developer.
i ask him. Do you know HTML or CSS at least ? NO what is that ?
At this point i wasnt sure if im supposed to laugh or cry TBH.
I mean are you fucking serious ??????????
I explain to him calmly that well squarespace wont et you a job like web developer.
Told him to learn HTML and CSS as the basics and maybe javascript if he feels like it.
I fucking hope he is able to learn at least fucking HTML.
I mean im pretty sure i could teach an 6 year old HTML.

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