I sometimes feel like people who make/made compilers for C were incredibly intelligent, but also were aliens without any understaing of the average brain capacity of an average human

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    Modularization of code into functions that serve specific purposes. This is done not only to aid in code reuse, but to also make the function at hand easier to comprehend. Keeping functions smaller and simpler makes them easier to reason about. So modern programming languages (including C) are very much designed with the limited capacity of the human brain.

    Now the fucker that created C++ templates completely brain fucked a lot of us. Honestly, with familiarization, templates are not that bad either.
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    @Demolishun enter linking. This has been fucking me over the whole day
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    @frogstair Well yeah, that can be black magic! lol
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    @PublicByte yet*
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    In case you're in the market for even more brainfuckery, may I suggest Linkers and Loaders by John Levine.
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