PSA if I go to your website and it tells me I need to sign in to see the content, I’m leaving. I dont care if it’s “free.” If It were all the same to you you’d let me see the fucking content without an account.

Your business sucks and probably has no compelling reason to exist. Bye bye! See you on the brown rank side of the toilet paper in my hand asshole~

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    Nicely said. I do the same.
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    I agree ! And I do the same.
    Special “Fuck no” for ‘Enter your credit card, we promise we won’t charge you before XX days”.

    But I am also working on the other end (Not quite as “bad”). We produce some free tools to use (To promote our solution), but to download the result (Because 99% people can’t think about print screen) you need to enter an email. We block ALL free email services (outlook, gmail, yopmail, yahoo). Simply because someone with personal mail is not a targeted audience for us (Only B2B software). We are not there to help a student doing his homework.

    We have some pretty fun message on the support chat haha.
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