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    Ohfuck no no no nonono NO 🤦🏻‍♂️
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    Why not typescript if you are going to abuse shit like that.
    I think any dynamic language has something like that.
    PHP: "2"."2"-"2" = 20
    Is a dot for concatenation so much better than a plus?
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    @hjk101 I think some ppl couldn't comprehend the idea of adding one string to another solely as concatenation. There are even arguments about which symbol can represent concatenation in arithmetics better.
    Also, what JS dinosaur doesn't use template literals in 2k20? It's one of the best proposals out there and it was introduced in ES6, hello 🤔
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    @vintprox if i wanted them to be numbers i'd've added an int() dammit
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    @Parzi that's right, but using "-" essentially makes it number, too 😂 My guess is that such outbursts as "Hey look I found yet another exploit in JS" appear because of lesser qualification
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    Operators always be operatin'.
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