I just got yelled at by our fed ex delivery guy. I took 15 seconds to open the door and sign when they rang. They were mad because “I knew I had a package coming so what took me so long”

For reference I have a severe spinal injury and was icing my back and eating lunch. I got up as fast as my body would allow and practically sprinted for the door. Could not have been faster.

Best of all the package was for my neighbor (we share an address so I have to sign for all their mail usually). So no, I didn’t know it was coming. And In any case we’re talking about 15 seconds and what do you want me to do, sit by the door and have a conversation with the wall for your three hour window?

Just one of the many reasons I resent the last 20 years of technological progress. I’m just totally perplexed

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    Fuck em. You give me a tighter window, I'll be sitting around waiting on your ass. If you're not able to do better than 24 hour window, I'm not able to do better than 15s to the door.

    Ups sucks, but at least they have a real time truck tracker.
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    Delivery guys usually are assholes... At least he waited, where I live, if DHL is delivering, then they literally just ring at your house and immediately goes to your neighbor, so package is delivered to whoever opens doors first, even if explicitly mentioned in your order not to deliver to neighbors.
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    I wonder how this deliver guy can be pissed about 15 fucking seconds, it must either be some really shitty work conditions this guy works. (no excuse to act like an asshole from his side)
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    Who the fuck whines about FIFTEEN seconds? Guy needs to pull the box cutter outta his arse.
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    We probably would be too if we didn't have a backup plan when the professional sports career didn't pan out.
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    @SortOfTested @SevenDeadlyBugs @Frederick this guy is usually nice. And man I sprinted (read hobbled) to the door as fast as humanly possible. Knocked down my iPad and was wearing my lunch when I opened it. That’s why it pissed me off so much, I really hurried over there.
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    Am I the only one really trying to see from the guy's POV?
    I mean, obviously, in an ideal world you would never be an a*hole to someone you never met because your life/work sucks. That said, it's common to mix stuff up.

    Maybe this guy was on a tight delivery schedule with a lot of packages, and coincidentally you were the person who took the longest to answer the door. Not that it was forever, but on his rush, it seemed forever.

    Again, not a real excuse to behave like that, but it's not like their life is any easier. It's just a package for you. For him, it's their pay, under an already stressful situation of pandemic.
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    I'm Brazilian. Our national postal office completely sucks, in many, many different ways.

    Private courier companies are still babies around here. And those people suffer from all kinds of issues - once, I failed to answer the doorman, and instead of leaving the package with him, the guy called me to confirm I was at home and knew the package was delivered. I got kinda mad and asked why did he even called, if the app notifies. The answer? He got so sorry, but he has friends that already got punished because "they stole" packages that were really delivered to doormen, but never to the actual destinatary. How would the proof the doormen kept the items? So he made sure, in front of the doorman, I knew the package was delivered.

    Life sucks. It's no reason to be an asshole. Neither it's reason to blame someone's awful job schedule.
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    @SevenDeadlyBugs are you buying dildos or what?
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    @aviophile I just hate going to my neighbors and chit chatting with them
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    Reminds me of the delivery guy I wanted to rant about a few weeks ago. What he did was call me up to tell me he's already in the lobby. I rushed down and waited for 15 minutes. I looked around, asked around, he's not there. I went back to my unit just to receive a call from him again saying he's there and that HE will wait for ME.

    I went down again and saw him talking to the guard as if asking them to knock on my door. When the guard saw me, he told the guy that I've been waiting for him for so long and that he was the one who wasn't there.

    I reported that motherfucker just to give him a warning. It amazes me how people think their time is worth so much that they'd be willing to waste others'. The famous human entitlement and inconsideration.

    The cab drivers are the same power tripping idiots here too. I hope they worked on that attitude after they lost their jobs due to the pandemic. You really can't appreciate something until it's gone.
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    Why don't you sign, take the box and just close the door ?

    It is like getting yelled at on the phone. Among all its wonderfull functions, the red button on the phone can stop the yelling. Trying it is good.
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    Customer service 🍌/5
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    @lanfiro that is what I did. It’s not like I was yelled at for minutes on end it was more like a quick “what the fuck man” plus some other things
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    @igorsantos07 sure I feel like I’m generally pretty empathetic. The reason this happened is pretty obvious. That doesn’t mean it adds up to something reasonable. He could be empathetic too, you know? Like it takes 15 seconds to walk from the living room to the front door.
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    @neriald that’s not funny
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    @neriald yeah. That makes it worse.
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    In my country most of the delivery services usually have the delivery ppl rang and waited up to around 3 mins before calling the phone registered on the package (usually it's mandatory to put destination phone number).

    If no one answers either way they take back the package and try again the next day, or receivers could pick it up in one of the offices as long as they coordinated it beforehand.

    I also once had a food delivery person waited 15 mins bc I was occupied with something and had my phone on silent, and they were the ones apologizing.

    Though not all things always went well like that, my grab(online taxi like uber/lyft) driver once picked a fight with me bc I accidentally closing the door too hard, I already apologized but he kept escalating the situation and sounds almost psychotic, not that I'm alone at that time but luckily there was a security guard on where I lived, so things didn't escalated as much,

    About 3 weeks later some news surfaced on how a grab driver got fired for actually fighting(?) with the passenger, not sure if it's the same one though 🤷🏻‍♂️
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