Oh boy, long time no see, devRant. Can't believe that my account is almost 4 years old now. Also can't believe how much this app has impacted my life. Found friends, lost friends, went on many adventures because of it, ...no time for life stories, maybe some other day.

Anyone here still remember me?

I've recently started programming again after a long time of indecisiveness, self-doubt and the like. (Rust, if anyone wants to know) and I'm really hoping that I'll stick to it this time, with the ultimate goal being at least some kind of income (try finding a job while having no real education *while* there's a certain virus going around).

Definitely feeling more motivated than at other attempts.
Anyways, I'll try to be more active again on this beautiful website. Talk to y'all soon ;)

Also, if anyone wants to have a chat, i'm fl#8910 on discord.

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