I have done my research but haven't found anything yet. Asking here.

Is there an android library that helps you build dashboards easily? Like cards that host other interfaces? Graph, Image, Text etc.

If not, would you be interested if there was one?

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    What is android
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    @molaram just a phase
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    @molaram what is what
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    You can use (https://github.com/PhilJay/...) for visualization

    I recommend you to search on https://android-arsenal.com/ which host a good library.

    Don't forget to use the ConstraintLayout (best layout in Andriod imho) , GridLayout (for list) and CardView (for cards)
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    I know you will be tempted to use RelativeLayout and LinearLayout but when you see the UI stack you will see that they are not a best options.
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    @mr-user Thanks. Though this is not what I was looking for.

    There seems to be nothing that simplifies developing a dashboard for android. There's a testing tool that uses the same concept in the original AOSP but that's about it. (https://source.android.com/compatib...)

    The library I am looking for ( and will build if it doesn't) will be an interface to pretty much every other interface.

    You can reorder cards in dashboard, add new widgets, resize, etc etc. More like tiles on windows 8+. I hope that helps to zero in if something is already out there.

    Also @mr-user, would you be interested if something like that existed? I'll take this up only if it helps enough people.
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    I am interested in it and will even help you develop it (if you ever plan on it)

    Android UI development is like CSS. It is not difficult as CSS but it isn't easier other.

    I am concern about "resize" feature. Due to various screen device configuration, android developer usually fragment and have multiple layout with different configuration. The only way I can see for "resize" feature is to have full screen and minimize one (excluding font size).

    Here an idea : Your library could provide a fragment layout which you can tune everything you wanted and provide a way to communicate with it.

    Something like

    MyLibrary mlib = new MyLibrary(R.layout.tunelayout)

    mlib.setGraphX(X data);

    mlib.setGraphY(Y data);


    or just provided a UI components.

    Tag me if you decided to create an library for it. I will send you my discord user name.
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    @mr-user Absolutely! Will update it here
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