How does one write a research paper when they don't really have a solid academic background?

via employer is out of question as well

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    Read. A lot.
    Get that academic background.
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    What the fuck defines research paper?
    Afaik it's just a thing of layout. In the end of the day, even a little note on a page can be a research paper, eh?

    Isn't it just about "i thought about..." and "the results are" in some form?
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    @RememberMe Reading part is fine. How would one possibly publish a paper as an independent researcher without any affiliation with a uni. I guess reaching out to professors in other universities and asking for a collaboration is something possible but I doubt chances of that happening.

    @nitwhiz It's more about a structured approach to solving a new problem but undeniably there is also a lot of vanity and nonsense ingrained as well.
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    @sudocode oh, that. Yeah. You need access to the organizations who publish stuff.

    Definitely reach out to profs, many don't mind taking people on as short term, part time research assistants.

    Afaik some conferences take independent papers, and you could also write it up and put it as a PDF on your site (with appropriate license) meanwhile.

    If you have a friend who you can collab with and who is an academic, you could co-author the paper with them.
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    @RememberMe Putting it up on own site sounds about right! If it really is significant then it is also likely to get traction. Might have to 'advertise' at few places where that problem is discussed though. Thanks, I wasn't thinking of this.

    P.s. I realise I should have used the word 'publish' in my rant.
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    @sudocode ah, do make sure that you don't repeat publication though.

    Eg. if you have something up on your site, don't send the same thing to a publisher/journal/conference, that's just shady, it should be derivative or more advanced work instead.

    (Putting something up on your site is also publishing in a sense)
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    Use CSS to set the background.
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