Every few years I seem to have some sort of breakdown. It slowly builds over months, I get more tired, everything gets more difficult. I’m not able to concentrate, my memory is shit and I struggle with work. I can sit at work staring at a screen for hours not having a fucking clue how to do the job I’ve been doing for the last 14 years. The work builds up, I make more mistakes and this just makes it all worse.
It culminates with me feeling completely detached from reality and wishing I could just stop breathing.
Today was that day, pushed over the edge by my self obsessed, judgemental sister-in-law, who is clueless about when to keep her dumb-ass opinions to herself. Not her fault but was just the last straw!
Luckily I had a therapy session today, which helped a bit.
Just wish it could be done and will fuck off now for another few years and let me get my life back.
Hate this fucking shitty depression. Don’t need replies to this, just needed somewhere to vent.

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    Sorry to read that, I totally can relate to what you describe. I also struggle with some of similar feelings at work. I wish you the best, and try to not overrate your work life. It is normally not worth it in the end. Hugs to you!
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    hope your better now. I had the same where it built up over a few years and just blew my body and mind to bits when it happened. I now set a timer and make sure I have 10min every hour away from the computer and then every three hours I go for a 30min walk and then a run in the evening. If you work from home it’s a nightmare as your brain associates home with work, which, for me, meant I couldn’t switch off, so going out with the laptop and working from a caffe helped as well. Family domestics never help either.
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