Programmers before:
I need to fix this assembly code to control an airplane take up 3 bytes less, because the 512 byte storage unit is at its limits

Programmers now:

Also, deleting parts of the game after the player is done with them is a no go

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    180GB on PC for anyone that doesnt feel like reading the article.
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    Holy fuck!

    And SP mode will be a 5 hour run no doubt 😔

    Are we now entering the "who can get to a TB install first" race?
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    Valorant really did a great job in this aspect. The final game size is less than 9GB. The graphic are pretty good too IMO.
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    I mean, high res textures/models/animations/maps and code are two very different things.
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    who the hell puts up with download times like this?

    in the indie game scene, an actually independant title (unlike smug shits likr no mans sky) will lose something like HALF its potential players if it takes longrr than 40-60 seconds from download to start screen.

    what in the jell is activision using all that space for? what ate their models and textures? hundreds of megabytes a piece?
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    @Wisecrack unlike most games, No Man's Sky has gotten way better after the pressure from Sony to release it fast was away. Now its a genuinely good game
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    @RememberMe ever seen the game assets of Yanderedev? One model there weighs like 7 gigs
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    @frogstair sweet Mary's mammeries! thats insane.
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    @Wisecrack yep, the building was one model together with all the decorations, furniture

    A toothbrush weighed 1 gig because every single bristle was modelled

    Also the code: https://devrant.com/rants/1479051
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