about myself
- by me

I love listening, and smelling flowers. I also like oxford comma very much. I sit with my back straight. I can make girls cum very hard. loves watching movies. I also like languages. My brain has gargantuan capacity to remember numerous things. I can imagine complex thoughts. God I love ma’self. I’m such a genius. Also, I’m good at maths. I do whatever I like to do and I do many things. I cherish good folks and their work. I surround myself with nice things. I overcome my weaknesses. I piss is intoxicating, and I fart roses. I’m a spiritual and an introverted person. I respect time. If I inhale too much CO2, I’ll probably faint. When my stomach is full, I stop eating. I hate mosquitoes. When I nauseate, people take delight at my divine vomit. I’m a fond of cultures, I love the varieties of cultures and people we have on Earth. I admire girls. I run so fast. I appreciate not so hot, not so cold climate. My shit is so yummy. I remember ways. I hate pressure and pain. I’m deeply affected by gravity. I’m proud of my ears. I love implants. I drink water regularly. I love to grow. I think electricity is pretty useful bcoz it run my microwave oven for which I’ve a lot of affection. I accelerate.

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