Last week my first pull request to our company's Haskell project went into production. At the tender age of 52 I am a true beginner at Haskell, having read half a book and tried it out between other tasks for a couple of weeks before that. I would never have went for learning Haskell if I would not have had to but I am glad I did. And it will take a long time before I reach any sort of mastery.
I started out in the late nineties with JavaScript, learned PHP, Java and then Go. My first impression of Haskell is very favourable, the compiler is very informative and very fast, although not as fast as the Go compiler. The language is so different from anything I have used previously that a lot of synapses have had new connections. But the syntax! It's the one thing I really dislike. <$> and other crazy short hand. Like $ instead of parentheses. Haskell people clearly have a peculiar take on readability.

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    I think the problem with the syntax is it's designed for mathematicians and it shows.
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    I've always had this saying that most disagreed with:

    "Good code looks like math."

    Readability is always contextual to the people writing the code. I find math readable. Math is expressive, concise and absolute. Functional languages internalize this, and it's one reason I love them.
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