One of the best days ever.

I was slouching on the couch while on sick leave daydreaming about the time I would reach at least half the point where I can travel for a year without working. I checked my portfolio and found that two of the stocks I bought are earning me some money, one of them gives me my daily wage when I was still a junior developer which is not so bad, I just started with this shit less than a month ago.

I was gonna fund my account so I can check other stocks and buy more then I checked my balance, woopsie daisy, holy moly, I received double the money I should be getting for this pay period. I checked my payslip and it says "Income Tax Withheld".

Okaaay. This is just the motivation I need. I'm gonna develop something out of this. Thank you, Lord Satan. You always listen to my dreams.

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    If it's not a secret, is this some sort of auto trading (involving bots)? If not, how are the stocks earning you money just sitting there? Equity?
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    Well said! I don't know so many people still worship false deities. Lucy's where it's at!
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    Income tax is fucked up they take more than 30% to 40% . What the fuck that’s just too much !!, i think it should cap at 10 to 15 % ( individual tax)
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    Those 40% in deduction are not entirely for tax (at least in Germany). The tax is probably only 20%, the rest is a combination of health insurance, social contribution, church tax etc.

    Where the hell in the world that take 40% tax for a working class citizen?

    But I agree with you, net pay of only 60% still sucks.😒
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    @cho-uc not health insurance is extra 😂 not counting it in 30%
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