You’ve all heard my story, and this has happened a few times so here’s the short version:

We have customers who are difficult. Like very difficult. And they don’t understand how much work the things they ask for take. So I’ve rewritten massive functional areas in roughly a month.

The three times this happened my total branch diff was between 900kb and 2mb. To put that in perspective, that’s 7 floppy disks (the real ones). I was in the office from 5:30a until 11pm every day for the entire duration including weekends for like 4-6 weeks each time and always managed to get the tests to run at the last minute. I was sleeping on my bosses office floor for several nights a week. Its like blowing up the Death Star. Pretty awesome feeling.

The restaurants around learned my routine and would have my lunch and dinner ready when I walked in every night so that was pretty awesome too. Yes I was promoted for this.

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    I hope your bosses don't make this a habitual requirement for you though :(

    Sleeping is nice...
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    @puppies-r-cute my boss is great. They try so hard to keep me happy. I have been very lucky, 40 hour weeks not a minute more for months now!! I think that’s a healthy relationship. Management can expect you to go over the top to fix problems and work huge hours, but they should (and in my case do) understand that there’s another side to that. 1. It can’t be never ending 2. The rewards must be great and 3. They should put effort to prevent it from happening. As long as those three are happening, I think it’s ok. The ability to persevere under extreme conditions is part of the reason I’m paid so well :)
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    Wait.. Are you saying that you stayed at office from 5:30 AM to 11 PM?
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    @scorpionk 7 days a week :)
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    You're in US aren't you?😅
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    Yeah.. you only hear such crazy stories coming from there. Hope you were ok and managed to relax after that crazy crunch 🙏
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    @arfro still the place I want to be though!
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