I wanna get rich...
Every day that passes by, makes me feel like I'm sinking deeper into mediocrity doing this job

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    Find a job which will help you rise above mediocrity
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    time to look for sugar mommas
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    You can't get rich if you're a hired help.

    Ways to get financially wealthy
    1. Let others work for you
    2. speculation on the stock market
    3. you have something to sell.
    4. you own something to rent out

    But really it's mostly letting other people work for you.

    There are two value accumulation modes
    1. productive value
    and 2. unproductive value or rent seeking.
    1. Building an app is productive value generation
    2. Owning and renting out a house is unproductive value generation.

    guess which is more profitable and desirable?
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    @netikras bruh, I'd sell so much virtual ass if I was a woman
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    @heyheni The owning a house and renting it out is NOT rent-seeking as defined on that wiki page. The example on that page is pretty clear about this.
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    @odite I saw a screenshot and this one girl who wasn't even anything spectacular made almost $100k in one month from an OnlyFans account.

    Imagine what the ones that are hella bad are making. Must be nice to live life on creative mode and on peaceful.
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    @heyheni Do you think there is rent-seeking in software anywhere? Do monopolies count? Does any SAAS fall into this category? I cannot think of any hard examples.
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    @heyheni I think the buying and selling of carbon credits is one form of rent-seeking. Where carbon credits themselves is a form of rent-seeking as well.
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    @Demolishun a good read is the book "the value of everything" wich explores the topic of the generation of value.

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    There may not be rent seeking, but there's definitely more than enough bikeshedding.
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