i got a job at a startup, i‘m the only developer there. Any inputs or experiences from people that are in the same position? what are the problems i will face if i’m the only developer?

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    Good luck!
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    What's your role there? Are you going to build everything out? Are they hiring more developers?
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    @asgs i‘m tasked with building a customer portal that is beeing used by many clients all over the world. Right now they do not plan on hiring more devs. So mostly Frontend and Backend web dev.
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    @lknk You are essentially a full stack free lance developer (if they don't plan to hire more developer).
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    @lknk that's exciting. But since are tasked already, does that mean you have a manager or architect or product owner? If so, it must be hectic enough that you would be left thinking about having your "me time"

    You will have lots of things to worry about. Code setup, tech stack, CI pipelines, code reviews (self?), manual and automated tests, performance tests, capacity planning, production monitoring, security standards, and most of all production bugs, and timelines
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    Setup a process for changes via some kind of ticket system. Don't create an expectation that things happen instantly. Have fun!

    The ticket system allows you to track changes. Even if you have to enter this into the system yourself it makes changes track able. We use software called Mantis for this. Enter is results of changes and things you learned.
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    @asgs i have a product owner but he really has no connection to coding. So it will be hard to articulate the technical issues i‘m gonna face.
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    @Demolishun thats actually a good idea, creating some kind of pipeline to collect and track change requests
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    If you're the only developer, and you're asking that question, you should already be planning leaving.

    First hires are technical leadership. If that's not you, you're fucked.
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    @lknk when i used to work for an R&D startup there was a time when i was the only engineer left
    I used to do firmware, android app, ios app, dsp , bit of web back end , bit of hardware design and manufacturing related things.
    It’s a lot of responsibility also you have to have really strong basics or have extreme passion for your work
    It’s was not a job it was a lifestyle.
    24*7 thinking about the product.
    if you really love web development and making things you will love it.

    But be cautious , nothing in this world is more important than your health. So try it, if you get stressed out acknowledge that and find a different job
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    good inputs, thanks y‘all
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