Parsers for markdown languages are the hardest to write because at first you think they are easy to write

I've been rewriting the same file over and over for the last two-three days

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    If it's not a secret, what are you doing that requires you to write a new parser?
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    I tried doing that once, after 1-2 hours of constant rewrites I realized it would take too much effort to make it work. So me being a lazy ass I just tossed everything in the trash and went for another project.
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    _Isn't there a npm module for that?_
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    Flex and bison ftw
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    @kamen custom markdown language for API documentation because all the ones out there suck

    @melezorus34 Go

    @milkybarkid not complex enough for bison, there is no nested behavior so no tree and no noth
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    @frogstair Why don't you look at something that can generate docs from source (or are you talking about the same thing)?
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    @kamen that's exactly what I'm doing. Getting some source code, and rendering HTML from that
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