Just curious, does anyone actually get triggered by master/slave terminology, whitelist/blacklist, etc? I personally found it weird when my professor talked about parents killing off their child when discussing data structures. Imagine non CS students walking by the classroom

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    Nope, I understand the context these are being used in, and not the social Injustice bubble wrap these words appear to pop.
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    I can't imagine anyone being offended with a branch in git being called Master.

    Heck the name change was suggested by a white male and a lot of black people are complaining about it, since they are the ones that seem fragile
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    @Codex404 but how will I show my support for the black community and finally score a date with that hot black girl down in marketing? /s
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    @d4ng3r0u5 but that's not the reason they are changing
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    There's nothing we call a "slave" with the GitHub branches.

    There are uses of "master" that don't necessarily invoke slavery, such as "master craftsman".
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    As an Asian guy who was bullied a few times by both black and white people when pursuing a master degeee in the UK, I don't feel triggered at all.
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    @d4ng3r0u5 "There are uses of "master" that don't necessarily invoke slavery, such as "master craftsman"."

    Ok, there's now words "master" and "man"! Shame on you. Plain "craft" would be ok. But then, that's kinda like "kraft" and sound like something from WW2 movie. So that should go too.
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