What the actual fuck is wrong with computer science students in my course? You would expect someone in third year to be able to write a single fucking line of god damn Java code - but guess what?

Most of them are too fucking stupid to just do about anything realated to a computer. Why the hell do these people apply for a cs-programme at all? And even more concering: why the heck are they getting through with this bullshit? It's definitely not easy staying calm all the time, especially when I need to jump in to fix some fucking mistake some total retard made in up in code.

Even worse is the fact that nobody is really familiar with the easiest priciples of computer science and programming. That's what I noticed when some idiot asked me what a turning machine was.

I mean come on - what is this? I never wrote a line of code two years ago and I managed to gather some knowledge, but why in heavens sake do these people seem like they don't give a shit?!

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    Mate, are you by chance my buddy Marek in my highschool CS course?

    Wait hang on, UNIVERSITY?!
    Those fucks here at my highschool can't even write any sort of code after over 1.5 school years.

    My fucking god.
    I once asked them why they chose CS, literal answer freely translated: "I dunno, I thought we were gonna do cool hacking stuff here.."

    I just wanted to shoot myself at that point.
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    What you are talking about is a small part of CS called software engineering.
    Ability to write java code is nowhere related to computer science
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    That's the arrogance of young people for you. They think if they are able to use all latest trendy apps then they have enough brain to make them. Sadly knowing how to drive a car and knowing how to manufacture/fix/maintain a car are two different things. But it's fine, society needs people who can flip burgers and wait tables.
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    @zemaitis Why are people shitting on waitresses exactly?
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    @torbal ehm? Quite a lot actually. I thought these were kinda basics tbh
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    @torbal well I just think it's important to know a bit of history and basics. I'd like to have your point of view on it. Why do you think it's irrelevant?
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    @theuser It was an example for (in my personal opinion) a shitty job, if you got offended thats your problem.
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    @torbal lol didn’t notice it until now 😂
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    @Ranchu yep. same guys that follow some random tutorial 1:1 and if anything doesn't work they just give up
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    Ahh yes, the famous Turning Machine.
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    @Maer how often do I need to mention that it I wrote it that way by mistake?
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    @tombjarne 64 more times, please
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    Equating computer science to writing Java code is not understanding CS.
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