No its not the TV programme, or related to what is in the news recently..

Avast antivirus software, got a PC where it now decides to 'blacklist' a certain site the user wants to visit.

For the life of me, I can't figure out how to change the settings so it will allow them to visit the site, and still have protection !

It seems the choice is, protection and it won't let you visit a blacklisted site..

Or no protection and you can visit it fine !

What if you want to visit it, you know there are dangerous pop-ups with infected code in them, which is why you have the bloody antivirus to take care of them !

Or if anyone can recommend a free antivirus product that will let you visit any site you want, and give you protection without stopping you.

Since this could be an even more serious problem if you find your own site listed and stops you going to it !

Related link that doesn't provide the answer !


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    Not talking to girls in the first place is the best protection
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    Avast is a pile of garbage. Why not invest $20-$50 into a good security solution? And by that i dont mean norton. Or bitdefender.
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    @electrineer you win everything
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    What would be a good security solution that also doesn't suffer from the same 'blacklist URL' issue ?
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    Why is it blacklisted? What site is this?
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    For the purposes of the question, it doesn't matter which site, only that any site which ends up on avasts blacklist, you are prevented from going to.

    Since at some point, this could be your very own website, which if it is infected with something, you'd like some idea of what and where, which you could only really get if you visit it with antivirus software that pops up a warning when you reach the specific part that is infected.

    Otherwise it could take you a very long time to check the entire website for infections if all you have to go on, is, it might be infected..

    Or someone might have just added it to a blacklist list, for fun..

    Thus, can I turn off this feature in Avast and yet still have protection when I visit a specific site, or is it like it appears, that isn't possible.

    If not possible, which antivirus software does allow you to do that and is decent, and ideally free..
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    I see using Panda antivirus that I can visit the site just fine, it lets me, and deals with the virus infected popups.

    I don't know if that has its own blacklist either !

    But rather than having to install a new antivirus, it would be just peachy to fiddle with some settings in Avast to solve the issue.

    I have tried fiddling and nothing I do seems to make any difference, even when I turn the bloody thing off !
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    Amusingly their own supplied browser, lets you get at least as far as the option to visit the site anyhow, but when you press on the button, nothing happens..
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