I like learning new tools but the person driving it in our project is so passionate about it that it makes me not want to touch it. Initially, I liked hearing about his enthusiasm but it's as if he expects me to have no life at all and spend all my free time learning it. Before, I found it funny how blunt he is about hating a specific language but now, it's like he's a recruiter for a cult.

I have other tasks that have their respective tickets. I know he means well but I just don't understand people who expect you to share the same passion they have for a tool. Give me a ticket, set a priority, and I will prioritize it. I like this field in general. I like coding but goddamn it, I don't aim to be a coding lord gatekeeper whatever. There's an edge lord in all of us but mine has been dead a long time ago, stop resurrecting that motherfucker.

Fuck this. I wonder if it's just this specific area of the field but I met too many hardcore opinionated people in my six months in this project than in my entire career.

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    So he's one those evangelists like Linux better than Windows no matter what?
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    @rutee07 usually I just let them do it until they hit a problem that they can't solve efficiently using their tech.

    Then I use some new tech that easily addresses the problem and does it better.

    So I guess for your guy maybe just ask him to prove it. Put his money where his mouth is.

    Which I guess is why I'm sorta the de facto expert on the team.... I can detect BS like a mile away
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