When you’re hunting for cars online and you filter by transmission to only look at cars with a manual transmission, 3 out of 4 of them have automatics but are listed as manual. People. How fucking hard is this? Do people not know what manual even is any more? Is this hard? I was under the impression that this was not hard.

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    Well they have an automatic ;)
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    But you gotta manually put it into drive, duh
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    Just wait, some idiot in the car industry will come up with something called "automanual" as a marketing gimmick.

    Oh fuck! Maybe they think "manual" means it has the manual with the car. Yeah, the manual is in the glove compartment.
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    @Demolishun as opposed to automatic being a self driving car that doesn't need a manual! That's it, we solved the internet for today, g'night folks!
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    @Root You have dealt with one too many cunt, I'm sorry. It has tainted you.

    (I still hate that you're right, though)

    @OP Buy your car from Europe :D
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    Plot twist: They meant there's a transmission manual included.
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    @Jilano It was a joke, silly.
    I drive a stick. They're fun!
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