How to get a revenge for a shitty company owner that was interviewing you when you were a junior and acting like he was something bigger than you.

step 1. visit their website
step 2. click on contact
step 3. realise that contact page is working with ajax and no google capcha is available
step 4. create a small javascript code to fill the fields with gibberish and a trollface jpg.
step 5. activate the script in console so it will fill the fields and click the 'submit' button for you every 50 nanoseconds.
step 6. profit??

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    kul stufz
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    Sorry dude, but no.. there will be an ops guy on the other end laughing at the noob that tries to spam them..

    Come back when you can do that from unique IP each time, with different legitimate useragents, and random but legitimate looking data.. That's a payback..

    Do it right or don't bother..
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    Oh, also,, only do it like 5 times a day at random times.. otherwise there'll be a captcha real soon..
    They'll have real fun answering fake people 🙂
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    @hejx Well i thought it would be harder to block the spam because everytime it generates random email, so they cant just pick one single email and block them they have to do it individually 😂

    I know i am a noob but hey you gotta start somewhere
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    7. Break website intentionally
    8. Being in court for hacking, non authorized access,
    9. Having a FELONY
    10 : Never work again in any company who does background check
    Sure, by all means, worth it
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    Sure hope you did it from a VPN or coffee shop.

    I know I would track down that IP and ensure swift justice for DDos attacks.

    I'm all for fucking up some assholes day, but make sure it doesn't blow up in your face.
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    @sariel I used Tor with VPN, no way they could get my ip
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    @hejx You are grossly overestimating the industry m8.
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