Relatives(R): so what are you going to do in the future?
Me: a dev
R: but you wear glasses..
Me: so?
R: computer is bad for your eyes
Me: *facepalm* NO WAY..

Now I know that it isn't good but so what? I look even better with glasses to myself so just no... I simply just don't care, technology is advancing and soon it could be that it won't do anything to our health so why would I stop something I like just for the sake that you said it is bad for my health?

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    To be honest, i think the majority of developers wear glasses
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    @RazorSh4rk exactly, but does it even matter tbh?
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    I've spent the last 12 years in front of computers nearly everyday, and i don't need glasses. My eyesight hasn't degraded except a little because of age. So tell me again, how is working with a pc bad for my eyes? The only thing that beeing a dev is bad for, is your sleep.
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    @timihg for a lot of people spending a lot of time in front of a screen can damage it slightly, for some it can damage a lot, and we'll there are people who just don't get affected. But yeah their point is just nonsense
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    Not bad for eyes from research I have read. Also, I have been using computers daily for a zillion years 😀
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    @timihg and welcome to DevRant
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    I was told by an optician it's a myth looking at screens for prolonged periods is bad for your eyes
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    @Hedgepig even better
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    I was worried, had some sports injuries that nearly caused permanent damage to my right eye so asked all the docs about these myths... What I believe now is the following:
    1-Working with screens for prolonged periods doesn't cause problems so much as give a higher chance of activating latent problems earlier.
    2-The only real problem is the hardening of your lens due to focusing at a constant distance for prolonged periods.
    It turns out exercises I was given to sort my eye out help prevent both of these and it's simple. Once a day or so, pick an object in the distance, 20 or more meters away, and then bring a finger as close to your face as you can focus. Now with each eye, 1 at a time, focus on your finger waiting for proper focus, and then focus on the distant object and do this until your eye is tired. This exercises your lens, keeping it flexible.
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    Or in other words:

    obj_n = finger_in_front_of_face
    obj_f = object_in_distance
    for eye in range(2):
    while eye not tired:
    for object in [obj_n, obj_f]:
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    @L33tCh im +ing but its !tired
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    Actually, each hour i have an alarm and for 1 minute i look at different objects in an interval of 1-20 meters. This helps when you start to see cloudly because you are too focused on screen
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    @RazorSh4rk Hehe, thanks. Was going for 'is not tired' but missed the is... Is there a consensus on "is not" versus "!"? Started python in September but so far seeing relatively even usage
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    @L33tCh "is not" is 6 keystrokes, ! is 2 :D
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    @RazorSh4rk Haha, true story...
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    As far as different researches say and know, being inside a closed environment a lot of the time is bad.

    Reason: your eye muscles get used to using a certain amount of "force" because of the constant distance from the target (aka what you look at). If you look at close objects all day, every day.. you force your eyes to get used to this specific distance. @timihg
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    Just to clarify. Getting used to closer distances makes longer distances seem blurry. And in response, you'll need glasses. @BartBB
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    Who the Fuck cares. If you do what you like it is your choice. Every fucking job has a down side.
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    @BartBB You just explained my life story.
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    Mine too, mine too.. :(
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    Its a Gawd Damn evolution problem... We as human beings have stopped looking on objects further than 20 meters on a regular basis.. no doubt we have evolved into "short sighted"..
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