My faithful laptop, which has been with me since I was a student, is finally starting to die.

It's still usuable, but the battery life is getting shorter, the screen is getting dimmer, and it's slowing down

Any recommendations for a new one? I'd like to keep the price under $500

Any OS is fine

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    Buy a new battery, some ram, a ssd and a new lcd?
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    $500? it's your tool you earn your money and spend hundreds of hours of your life with. And you want to cheap out? Make it $800 and get something decent. Have some dev pride man.

    However to answer your question there is this chinese brand called chuwi which makes really nice budget laptops. Like the Aerobook Plus. https://m.chuwi.com/
    Their AliExpress store
    CHUWI Official Store

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    @heyheni I wish I had enough money for a better computer, but the aerobook pro looks like a good laptop for now
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    You can buy second hand ThinkPad in perfect condition for less than 500€.

    Pay attention to the model, some of them have soldered RAM.

    These machines are unbreakable and very easily upgradable.
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    I can only agree with @lanfiro
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    Agree with heyheni.

    Pen down what you can compromise on.
    1) MacBook is the most expensive shit. I'd say don't go for them.
    2) These slender cool looking lappies like IdeaPad etc... They're easy to carry and have good specs, cheaper that mac.
    3) Cheapest one can give you very good specs, except for SSD in that specs. Go for then if you don't have to carry them around a lot and don't mind a little longer boot time, like Inspiron, Vostro etc.
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    > $500
    what, you LIKE 32GB eMMC tablets?
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    $500 gets you only mediocre shit when it comes to a new laptop.

    However, that price should land you a refurbished near-mint condition Lenovo or Dell with good specs.
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    For $500 Lenovo ThinkPad 14 is the best , as you work in web development base model is good enough
    It’s keyboard is just awesome, it’s look and feel reminds me of IBM laptops
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