So a couple months ago we gave up on cloud hosting and switched to bare metal. Aside from the hardware we have in colo at a local datacenter we also kept 4 racks off prod at the office. Then everyone stopped going to the office due to this covid circus, except for a couple “sysadmins” who would take shifts monitoring stuff, making sure everything works fine so all those people working remote could do their jobs properly.
Now a couple weeks ago some weird shit started happening, like some service would stop for like a minute at 4am and I’d get a quick alert, and other random crap, no logs or anything, really strange.
Turns out one of the guys (made in india, rather fresh import) was stealing hardware. He would stop a machine, pull out some ram sticks or a cpu or a couple ssds the put it back on in a minute.
So far about $8k worth of shit is missing and that’s what I could figure out remotely.
Tomorrow between their shifts I have to go there and run a check on all the hardware and figure out what to do next.
The IP he might have taken with the drives is worth somewhere in the mid 8 figures.
The guy has paperwork so he can’t exactly get kneecapped or fall from the 12th floor by accident.

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    Let him fall from the 13th floor instead then :-)
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    Reach your integrity officer if you have one and provide the information you have. I would not go into speculation but only tell who have access to the server room and who you know was present at the time you noticed each change.
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    That's freaking disgusting
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    I don't see why he couldn't fall from the 12th after being kneecapped and having his every hole stuffed with old useless hardware. It was surely an accident.
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    Reminds me of the time when someone stole couple ps4 from the entertainment rooms in my company 🤦🏻‍♂️ they never found the perpetrator.

    @cafebabe https://devrant.com/rants/2518471/...
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    Duct tape to chair first, makes it look like a fucking-around accident.
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    Thats why u need cameras in the server room. Seriously IP worth 8 figures and theres no cameras?
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