A follow up rant to my former rant. I am not a hardcore privacy guy myself, but this is more of a matter of principle.

ts legit fucking bullshit how the bank just called me, if i didnt send a hell lot of informations about myself, then my bank account would be deleted and lose all my savings and money.

Its ridiculous how banks themselves have been able to do money laundering of billions of euros and the governments responds to this is to criminalise the average citizen by collecting a hell lot of data.

We are also talking about how companies are collecting data, and the laws the protect us from them, but in the end its pretty useless, so long governments are able to do whatever they want and we cant do anything about it.

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    Your bank called you? Make sure its not a scam.
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    Sperm contains a lot of data. I say ask them to collect yours.
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    @Demolishun Well the thing is its not even spam, because its even a mail send to me in my bank account mail box.

    And the law is actually a new one that started earlier this year.
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    @Frederick There are so many scams going these days. Glad you verified this.
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    @Demolishun Yeah i know, but this is definitely legit sadly, due to some shitty law by my government.
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    Shit like this makes me wanna go out and buy a piggy bank
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