Rust and Go birth is a result of new-age propaganda. May the almighty OCaml bless both of you to have ruined future!

Long live OCaml!

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    Those languages are already quite established and are used in production in a lot of places quite successfully. It’s not a hype anymore, they just getting more and more popular, and that’s because they are proven to solve common software engineering issues, so naturally more devs are learning them. It’s same like saying python is overhyped.

    In the end, who the hell cares what language you use to get job done? If you like ocaml, then do ocaml. If you bashing other languages, because you too lazy to learn them, then it’s your own problem, and no one else’s.
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    This but unironically, ocaml ftw
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    I'm a big fan of OCaml but wtf is this
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    @SevenDeadlyBugs Getting popular for no reason other than scamming y'all out from consulting fees.
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    I'm critical of Rust because,

    1. It has major backers from Cryptocurrency companies.

    2. Mozilla itself doesn't use it.
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    3. It's hard to learn this Lang. It expose users to logical level bugs. So memory safe comes with trade offs.
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