why is everyone hating on android?

yo guys btw how do you download a legit antivirus help

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    Might as well reinstall if you need antivirus. Honestly though, an Adblocker is the best antivirus there is.

    Edit: Malwarebytes is good, not free though.
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    People are hating on Android because iOS is so fucked up that it doesn't qualify even for hating.
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    "legit antivirus"
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    You don't need an antivirus if you refrain from downloading anything
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    Anyways, if you HAVE TO, then check your shady files over at virustotal.com first :)
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    I mean, shouldn't an app have root access to be a legit antivirus?
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    I think as a dev, we shouldn't hate android and ios as both of them brings us the market we need🤷

    But for fuck sake, safari is shit
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    @volttide i mean true, iOS is good for like grannies and kids and and such due to how locked down it is, but ffs the "we're better than you also no fun allowed without hacking your phone like you would someone else's server" bullshit is just absurd
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    Download shit from playstore and don't root your phone. That's mostly it.
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