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I feel like I experienced so much shame in my life that I have become desensitized to it.

I cleaned up last night but I placed a box of dildo in the shelf so that I would remember sending it back. I didn't think too much about it since I was planning to reschedule a repair that's supposed to happen today. I talked to the admin and I was able to get a work permit early in the morning so we didn't have to reschedule and the workers arrived before lunch time.

A few days ago, I mentioned wearing a corset while working helps with my posture since I cannot slouch with it but this was a full-blown leather corset I wore last night and forgot it was under one of the pillows. The workers said they need to flip the bed over to get some extra space so I removed the pillows and saw the corset. I thought whatever, it doesn't look that kinky.

I went back to work as normal. I was in the living room attending meetings and testing some shit. Completely normal work day. I got up to drink some water when I saw the workers resting, one of them has his back against the drawer. No, I did not whip him and scream at him to go back to work. In my head, "That drawer has no lock (I live alone) and it has all the shit. All the shit." I'm talking lingeries, ball gags, dildos, anal plugs, nipple clamps, and you know the rest. I thought, fuck it, I'm hungry and told them I'm just gonna go down to get some lunch. I've been working with these guys for four years so stealing is not really something I'm concerned of. Not to mention, they cannot get out of the building until I sign their papers after I get back where I would see if anything is missing.

Normally, I'd be paranoid that they might accidentally open it if his shirt gets caught into the handle or something. Who knows, they could be nosy and just open it. I thought, "Whatever, they'd be the one acting awkward if they see the crap that's in there anyway."

So benefit of the doubt, I'm good. No kinky shit blatantly out in the open. Wrong. That fucking box of dildo in the shelf is there. It's right fucking there and I couldn't be bothered to snatch it away thinking they already saw it anyway, I would just look guilty if I suddenly took it and hid it. Besides, it doesn't even look like a penis or a fleshlight. It could be a tiny massager for all they know.

Note to self: Keep your stuff in the sex dungeon.

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    i mean if they're gonna snoop they can pay the price and bear the scars of what they've seen /shrug
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    🤔 Huh. I usually hide stuff well because rumors spreading attracts all kinds of nutjobs. People talk, you know.
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    @NoMad They can pass on the trauma. I always wanted to be an urban legend.
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    These comments are something else.
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    Well, these boring vanilla types should rather get some tips and tricks from you instead.
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