R is the shittiest, worst language I know.

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    You'd hate everything if you don't try to learn it. People always complaining about C or any other language. I wonder if that's dev culture there.
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    @Bybit260 I agree, I used R a bit. Found it pretty cool, but I'm too dumb to use it effectively.
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    Someone has clearly never had to write for anything IBM...
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    @broseph Enlighten me...
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    @Bybit260 why are you on devRant though if it’s not about people complaining about stuff?
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    R has a few quirks and some very strange syntax but I think much is due to it being designed for math primarily.

    I tried to use it a bit but found that I lack enough advanced math to be able to appreciate it or use it for the purpose i wanted.

    And its an older language that due to its goal had not really had to evolve much towards convenience ;)

    I would not classify it as the worst I know, but that could be due to knowing quite a lot of other not so nice languages :P
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    @tombjarne What? When did I say its wrong to complain?
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    R is not exactly a programmer's dream...but its powerful for analytics visualization. Then again, I wouldn't write anything too complicated with it.
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    Because r is not exactly a general purpose programming language
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    Tell that to a statistician
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    @buch if you only have a hammer, every problem is a nail.

    If you only know R you are going to try to solve all problems with it.

    Compare that to databases written in bash with cut and grep and other utilities and R starts to look very general :P

    But as always you use what you know which is why its good to learn other languages.

    The more you know, the easier it is to avoid a bad favorite for a solution and rather go looking for a best fit.
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