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    Did you work on their assignment?
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    1100+ lines of what? It depends and we want to know!
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    We need details!
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    @detrin according to the tags, sql
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    SQL... We create the pages/forms structure through the DB, which is not that bad (if you exclude having business logic there), but it's not normalised, so you have to do a lot of duplication. Even business values like percentages are almost all duplicate.
    This time I had to create 5, because of a COVID a measure my government wants to implement.
    Now comes the C# part, which is what I usually like most, excluding on this project because of the fact that this codebase is a giant spaghet blob 🍝

    Edit: duplication, but you still have to add different IDs PK and Fk and some more values
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    Unfortunately yes
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    @shivayl Now, I understand
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    You did how, you donwloaded a git repository of 1100 lines code
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    do you get paid by loc written? 😄
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    Oh yeah? And I wrote 10 feet of music.

    (I actually didn't, I wrote two beats of one instrument.)
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    @C0D4 1100 Lines of binary? That's a lot. That must be hell.
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    @Bybit260 I see how you took that as lines of code 😅

    Even then 0/1 on every line still counts.
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