We at (brand) stand with LGBTQAIIAIAISIGHCJDBEHXJOEUUC+-$ community because we like to suck cock too

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    Sigh. πŸ™„

    Okay, to be constructive:
    The virtue signaling does really annoy me, though.
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    Whoever downvoted is geh
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    I dont care about your sex.
    Not a male or a female? Well i will tolerate it unless you fucking insist on telling everybody around it about it.
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    We at [brand] do not care about your pride stuff and only put this as profile picture so we don't get cancelled on Twitter, despite this action not helping any minorities at all, rather just making them look dumb
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    @Gregozor2121 Agreed.

    I'm tolerant of basically everything until someone screams at me to be tolerant. Especially when (and is always the case) the person doing the screaming isn't tolerant themselves. I have no tolerance for hypocrisy.

    /LGBT.++/? Fine.
    /#{colors}/ skin? Fine.
    /#{physical_attributes}/? Fine.
    Young? Ancient? Human? Alien? Dragon? Fine.
    Dev? Engineer? Scientist? Janitor? Chef? Fine.
    Hypocrite? Go (fuck|off|fix) yourself.
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    We get it, you're edgy.
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    @j2k4 you're joking right?
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    I find it totally annoying when people in tech projects derail shit with whatever their sexual preferences are. It's just trolling. Nobody cares which things you like to stick into or against which other things!

    Commit good code! Oh, now I see the problem. You can't do that because you're a clueless shithead, but still want to attention whore. Yeah, that's why.
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    @matt-jd Fuck no I'm not.
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    @j2k4 sorry that i've made you cry, but how is it offensive?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    @Fast-Nop Btw i never told you what my sexual preferences are, you're just making shit up at this point
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    @Areg You're just stupid AF because you failed to understand that I was siding with you. This rant isn't a fucking technical project!
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    @Fast-Nop ok man, sorry, me retardante
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    This offends me.
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    @zlot which part lol?
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    @Gregozor2121 sing it louder for the people in back
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