uhh my youngest sister is 4 years sooo??

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    Google likes to start 'em young
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    african warlords too
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    Scratch counts at this age.
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    Fancy how you search this in incognito
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    @akshar it dosen't do anything
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    @coffeeholic it doesn't leave entries in browser history, so I beg to differ. Searching at which age to teach programming in this context seems to me funny too 😂
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    A child learning programming @ 4 will become an adult by 5. Be warned!
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    Hmm ... Does how to use and then on a computer count?

    I think my dad showed me his Windows 3.1 PC and all those floppy disks it takes to install it at that age...

    Maybe that's why.... The computer part.
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    I guess I am a loser for starting at 15.
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    @cafecortado I started at 10 or so. Still 4 seems like a ridiculous age. Let kids be kids, and let then choose their own path. Like at 10 or 11 I knew I wanted to learn programming, so that's what I did. But for comparison a 4 year old doesn't even know if that's what they want. They will just take it.
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    Learn programming at 4, at 15 the kid will have a PhD on Machine Learning
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    I started at 7 or 8. Learned BASIC and then VB (before .Net).
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