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    no encryption protocol is supported by both ff and server, so it's dead
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    Care to explain your interest in XP lately? Is something wrong?
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    @electrineer could be an assignment.
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    @electrineer PS1 development
    The latest version of windows which supports the SDK is XP
    Sony didnt port it over to later versions
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    That sounds interesting, I was expecting a much worse reason.

    How about running xp in a vm? You could use your favourite environment on the host os and effortlessly share the code to the guest.
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    @electrineer I am running a vm
    The trouble is that XP refuses to share a folder with my host (10)
    Ill try again and see if it works, I have the sp3 installed now
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    @electrineer it worked
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    FWIW, if you really want to have internet access in XP these days (assuming a VM here) the only sane way I've found is to use an nginx proxy or similar to wipe out all the encryption before forwarding on.

    (That doesn't help a great deal though, as a lot of sites simply won't work in those old browsers these days anyway.)
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