I was part of team working for a smart sprayer (try to imagine sun spray or mosquito repelent). The thing works with negative and positive ions to spread the spray evenly on your skin. The sprayed mist kinda embraces your hand/body so there is no spots left uncovered. Device has built-in Bluetooth and send tons of different metrics and data to its mobile app which stores data in database.

I was working on dashboard that takes in that data from the REST API and shows different graphs, mostly of when and how is the product used but also you can add/edit some content that is showed in mobile app. My part wasn't cutting edge at all but that was very cool project to work on!

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    Sounds like bs.
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    Google it, ioniq sprayer
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    @devJs yeah, real bs. Advanced German spraying technologies.
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    It probably is bs, same company is spraying car parts and f1 bolids, this supposed to be adapted sprayer tech.

    Look it for yourself, it fails totally! What a bunch of dimwits!


    The thing is that I don't really care about the sprayer part. Bluetooth and sensors were cool thing to do tough!
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    @electrineer Hey, btw what's the most cutting edge project you worked on?
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    If it actually is an electrospray, good, but it's impossible to believe after all the marketing wank on the website. Whether it's practically useful is another matter.
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