I really wanna slap the fat greasy chin of the guy that downvotes stackoverflow questions for no reason like bitch get a life or at least say what you are unhappy with

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    Miserable lonely dungeon dwelling grey beard isn't enough of a reason already? What more do I need to be to self entitle myself to that kind of pleasure?
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    Hurhur, look at dis fookin kid, askin fer help in MY public internet playground. Downvote oblivion for you! *snort* hurhurhur, got em good, I did. Are ye proud of me now, mum?

    ...gonna go wash my hands now...
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    I know someone like that.

    Haven't seen them around for a while..

    I wonder if they have died ?
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    @Nanos I slapped them on their greasy chin recently
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    Good to hear !

    A quick google and I notice one in particular individual hasn't said anything online for 2+ months..

    I haven't seen anyone asking about them either..

    But then, I'm not sure they have many friends these days.. (Apart from folk who are just as PITA as they are !)
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