I am sitting knee deep in Woocommerce/PHP/Wordpress, becasue "you're a programmer, you should know it!" Actually no, I am writing embedded software for devices. In C. I know shit about Wordpress. God help me! Anyway, I found an interesting topic on a forum, go through all the posts to be punched at the end by "never mind, I managed to fix it" without any explanation! I want this guy to be doxxed and punished! Aaaaarghhhh!

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    There was a time before "plug and play" being a programmer somehow meant to some people installing the printer or helping print. You got WordPress/php at least there's a bit of code.
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    Even as embedded dev, you should have known to say "no, WordPress sucks".
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    "Do all doctors perform brain surgery?" This analogy helps an average idiot to understand why devs can't know everything about technical stuff.
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    interesting of course
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